About Me

At age 4, I was given my first sewing machine accompanied by lessons from my grandmother. I have never looked back! What started as doll dresses, evolved into thrift store remakes by middle school. Being voted “Most Unique” by my senior class in Brenham, TX was a clear sign that it was time to find more like-minded individuals, and I headed to Austin, TX.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to expand my skills into many different areas of the sewing industry professionally. A true left brain/right brain split, I received my degree in Business while nurturing a passion for arts and creating. Today, I’m still living in Austin, TX sewing, teaching, and spreading sewing/creating love far and wide.

My sewing experience is varied to say the least! Over the years, I’ve taught beginning to advanced sewing, machine lessons, quilting, apparel, pattern drafting, crafts, machine embroidery and quilting softwares, and more. I’ve been certified by several sewing machine brands as a sewing machine technician, and I’ve worked professionally as a machine tech in a shop environment for several years. My love for the sewing and creative industry is through and through, and I absolutely am a “lifer” here!

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